What Should Your House Cleaner Never Bring Into Your Home?

While you may have never thought about this before, if you have hired a service or an individual for house cleaning, this is something that you have to think about now. This goes for the cleaning of any type of building but it is especially important for residential cleaning. Believe it or not, you should be the person supplying everything that the house cleaning person needs, instead of the housekeeper bringing their own cleaning supplies.

A few of the things that should never be brought into your home for residential cleaning would be that of dirty sponges and cleaning rags that were used in another home or another office. You simply do not know where those rags and sponges have been, where or what they cleaned and whether or not they have been sterilized. The best thing to do is to have a good sized collection of brand new sponges and rags already at your home for your residential cleaning person to use.

While those items are things that many people already know about when it comes to house cleaning, what about the vacuum? Why is it that the house cleaning person cannot bring in their own vacuum instead of using the one you already have at the house? Think about the things that could be in the vacuum bag that could find its way out in your house. Before you know it you could have fleas and lice all over your house, simply because someone brought in a vacuum that had a used vacuum bag in it.

This also goes for brooms, dusters, and brushes. Anything and everything that your house cleaning person would need to do their job at your house should be supplied by you. This way, you are in total control and you can rest peacefully knowing that your home will not be infected with fleas, mold, bacteria, or fungus. Just thinking of such things is enough to probably gross you out, imagine if you had to actually come face to face with such terrors!

Not only will you ensure that nothing nasty will be carried from someone else’s home into your own, you can also ensure that your house cleaning person is using the best resources possible. By supplying the cleaning supplies, you can have the housekeeper use green products and a vacuum that using low electricity. When the residential cleaning person brings in their own tools and supplies, you really do not have much control over what is being used and what isn’t being used.

So now that you are more informed on the subject, it is time to get to work and go ahead and hire that housekeeper to come to help keep your home sparkling clean.